To level large surfaces or remove thick coatings

Blastrac offers a large range of scarifying machines in different sizes. Due to requests by our customers we developed petrol versions of three of our electrical scarifiers. This improves the mobility of the machines making them ideal for projects on highways and runways. Besides the machines, Blastrac is able to supply you with the spare parts of each machine and a large range of scarifying an milling accessories.

 What is scarifying? 

With scarifying, cutters are loosely fitted on lateral shafts which are then placed inside a drum housing. The drum is placed inside the machine and once the machine is switched on, the rotating drum generates centrifugal force which 'throws' the cutter at the surface, causing a mechanical cutting action. Dust and contaminants are moved to a dedicated Blastrac dust collector. This makes the process almost dust-free in operation. Watch the video below to fully understand the scarifying process.
Where can scarifying be used for? 

To remove difficult coatings | such as glues, rubber, and other coatings from floors
To remove hard and thick layers | of for example concrete and asphalt on highways and runways

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